We know you want to help your students reach their full potential, but don’t always have the supplies you need to do just that. From STEM materials and innovative field trips, to musical instruments and graphing calculators, no one knows what your students need better than you. We want to support making these dreams for your students come true.    

Program Description:
Wonderful Education supports projects that directly benefit students in the Central Valley. We reward innovative thinking and encourage teachers to find new ways (and improve old ones) to educate and inspire students. 

Grant Categories:
We are doing things a little differently this year. To make this process more efficient for teachers, we created a separate application window for each of our grant categories:

  1. Classroom Grants (up to $2,000).
  2. School-wide Grants (up to $10,000).

Classroom Grants (up to $2,000)

Partnership with DonorsChoose.org:
This year, we are launching a new partnership with DonorsChoose.org. We wanted to make this entire process as easy as possible for teachers so they can focus on what really matters–students–instead of taking time out of their busy schedule to fill out a lengthy application, purchase supplies or book a field trip.

Here are the exciting changes to our Wonderful Education grants:

  • Notification Time: Teachers will be notified if their project is approved approximately two weeks after projects are posted.
  • Supplies: DonorsChoose.org simplifies the process. Teachers select the supplies they want, add them to the cart and if funded, the supplies are delivered directly to the teacher. No red tape!
  • Field Trips: DonorsChoose.org will help coordinate the logistics for field trips, providing teachers with a “personal concierge” for the trip. 

Eligibility Requirements:

  1. Teachers from select schools in California’s Central Valley are eligible for grants. Click here to see if your school is eligible.
  2. Full project cost must be $2,000 or less.
  3. Funding should directly impact student learning. Projects cannot include requests for furniture (i.e., bookshelves, tables, rugs), staffing, or teacher professional development.

If your classroom project meets the criteria above, you are eligible for a Wonderful Education grant. Wonderful Education is funding $125,000 worth of classroom grants this school year. Each teacher is only eligible for one grant so be sure to send us your best idea! 

How to Participate:

  1. Create a project on DonorsChoose.org, tell us what you need for your students, and begin shopping for your materials or planning your field trip.
  2. Teachers can post classroom project requests to DonorsChoose.org now! Projects will be funded on a weekly basis, while funds last–post your project quickly to get funded.

Important Dates:

  1. Application Period: The application will open on October 28 and will close once we reach our target of $125,000 for the school year.
  2. Notification: You will be notified regarding your funding decision approximately two weeks after your project is submitted.
  3. Payment: Materials will be sent directly to your school approximately six weeks after your project has been funded.
  4. Final report: Once your project is complete, don’t forget to send DonorsChoose.org your final report. Teachers MUST submit a final report to be eligible for future funding. 


School-Wide Grants (up to $10,000)

This is your opportunity to create innovative programs for your students! Have you ever dreamed of creating a college summit for families, designing a makers space studio or launching a student production? We want to help you impact your students beyond the classroom. 

Eligibility Requirements:

  1. Teachers from select schools in California’s Central Valley are eligible to apply for grants. Click here to see if your school is on our approved list.
  2. Projects MUST serve at least 50% of the student population at your school.
  3. Projects must fit into one of the following four categories:

    Examples of possible ideas


    Inspire imagination and creativity though school-wide art projects, musical performances, plays, exhibits or special demonstrations.

    College Preparation and Awareness

    Build enthusiasm early with school-wide college exhibits, year-long college investigations, or family college workshops.

    Parent Engagement

    Engage parents as partners in their child’s education with innovative workshops, demonstrations, adult education or student-family learning experiences.


    Create a robotics lab or makers space to foster a love of STEM and inspire the leaders of tomorrow with hands-on learning experiences and career exploration.

  4. Full project cost must be $10,000 or less.
  5. Funding should directly impact students and provide life-changing learning opportunities and/or experiences. Projects cannot include requests for furniture (e.g., bookshelves, tables, rugs), staffing, or staff professional development.
  6. Previous grant recipients MUST complete all necessary reporting prior to grant deadline.

How to Participate:

  1. Complete an application here.*

Important Dates:

  1. Application Period: The application opens January 23, 2017, and closes on March 27, 2017.
  2. Notification: Notification regarding funding decisions will be released by April 2017.

*Completing a grant application does not guarantee project funding. 

Since 1999, Wonderful Education has funded over 1,400 grants at 80 schools across the Central Valley and invested $3.5 million to improve the educational outcomes for these students. Your project could be next!

Questions? Contact info@wonderfuleducation.org or visit the  DonorsChoose.org Help Center.

Good luck!